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We're a UGC & Tiktok Ads Agency

Here at Apyx Digital, we set out with the vision to skyrocket conversions & sales for direct to consumer brands, without needing to increase their Ad spend!

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Hi, we're a UGC & Tiktok Ads Agency πŸ‘‹

Here at Apyx Digital, we set out with the vision to skyrocket conversions & sales for direct to consumer brands, without needing to increase their Ad spend!

Why Us?

  • Because we walk the walk...

Unlike a lot of other agencies and UGC creators, who themselves have never made content or truly built a following, they speak on things they have not done. We live and breathe Tiktok and content creation.

We as founders have first hand experience in creating viral content and a track record in growing an audience, and captivating attention. We speak from experience because we've done it and continue to do it every day.

  • Not all UGC converts the same.

UGC stands for user-generated content, it's created by everyday people rather than brands. It's genuine, authentic, and helps to build trust in your brand in a very natural way.

Now, the difference between good UGC which can increase conversions by 200% as well as reduce your CPA by 50%, and bad UGC which will bleed your ad spend with little to no results, completely comes down to the creative... it's never been more important!

  • Time, efficiency and a new approach.

We have halved the average lead time in the industry and discovered an approach to produce more content at scale! No more waiting around for new creatives, we understand how precious time can be, not to mention the cost in potential revenue. Being able to produce more content allows us to test and change what's working quickly, strategically, and scientifically.

  • In short...you make more money with us...FACTS

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What Do We Offer?


We have a team of highly skilled UGC creators who can consistently deliver weekly content. Our creators work in close proximity with our Media buying team, who provide expert guidance on all emerging trends, data, and algorithm changes.


We can manage your campaigns for Tiktok Advertising and help scale your eCommerce brand. Our approach to growing established brands by leveraging Tiktok, is through the use of creative testing and data-driven decision making.

Our Experience

  • Averaging 1M+ Views per week

We've been able to consistently create scroll-stopping content that has generated millions of views on Tiktok, we understand the nuances of the platform and have broken down content creation into a science.

Being able to capture attention is the key to exploding your eCommerce brand in the coming months. This will skyrocket your growth and set new heights for what you're able to achieve.

  • Over 1,000+ New Followers per day

Within a window of 28 days, we were able to gain over a 1,000 new followers a day. With a high of 1,800 on a single day!


Capturing attention is one skill set but being able to convert that attention into the desired action is the aim of direct response marketing. We leverage our knowledge and resources of the creative process to draft compelling content briefs, specifically for the purpose of advertisement.

By leveraging TikTok’s machine e-learning and targeting capabilities, which are significantly better than the competition, we can get your Ads in front of the right audience. Thus increasing your conversion, sales and make you more money!

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